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3 in 1 Automatic Pet Bottle Drinking Beverage Washing Stainless Steel Mineral Water Filling Capping Sealing Machine

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3 in 1 Automatic Pet Bottle Drinking Beverage Washing Stainless Steel Mineral Water Filling Capping Sealing Machine

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MOQ : 1 set

Supply Ability : 10 set/ month

Delivery Time : 40 work days

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Automatic 3 in 1 Washing Filling Capping Machine for Water

The 3 in 1 washing filling capping machine is designed and manufactured by our company. It has stable performance, advanced technology, beautiful shape and complete functions.

Technical Features
1) Washing Part
The new bottles enter the equipment through the bottle dividing screw and star wheel. The clamp and turnover mechanism clamp the bottle mouth and turn it to the bottle mouth downward. After washing with sterile water, drain it. The bottles automatically turn over to the bottle mouth upward and are transported to the next process through the star wheel. The main structure of the equipment, the contact part with the flushing medium and the external protective cover are made of stainless steel.Drive by open gear.
A pneumatic device is installed at the bottle inlet to control the bottle inlet and prevent the bottle from entering the host.
The water inlet pipe of bottle washing machine is equipped with pressure gauge and pressure stabilizing valve.
Manually adjust the lifting to adapt to different height bottles.
A water receiving tray is installed to recover the bottle flushing water.
The washing volume of each bottle type is 105ml / S (at 0.25MPa).

2) Filling Part
Our company introduces German technology, and uses the principle of equal pressure filling to design and manufacture by ourselves, so as to fill the liquid into the washed bottles sent by the bottle washing machine.
The filling valve adopts constant pressure mechanical valve, which makes the filling quick and sensitive, with high precision of filling liquid level.
It has the ability of vacuumizing, so that the oxygen content of the material can reach the minimum in the filling process. With double control of vacuum channel, filling valve has function of stopping vacuuming when there is no bottle.
With the help of the guide rod, the automatic cylinder lifts the bottle, which can effectively form the seal between the bottle mouth and the filling valve.
The main drive adopts gear drive. It is also called open combination drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long service life, convenient maintenance and sufficient lubrication. Adopt frequency converter to control the speed of the main motor of the machine. And the machine adopts stepless frequency conversion to adjust speed.
The conveying power of the bottle feeding section is provided by the main motor through the gear.
The structure of the bottle guiding system is simple, and it can be changed quickly and conveniently according to the bottle type. The whole machine adopts the structure of clamping bottle neck for conveying.
The whole machine is controlled automatically by PLC. Faults are displayed online, such as bottle blocking, cover lacking, etc.
The material in the filling cylinder is automatically controlled. The liquid level height is detected by the liquid level sensor to ensure the stability of liquid level and the reliability of filling.
The key parts and electrical components of this machine are imported products.

3) Capping Part
The caps arranged by the capping device are pressed onto the filled bottles, and then send bottles to the next process by the conveyor chain.
The capping machine drives the rotary disc to rotate through the reducer. The cover leaves the hopper from the cover outlet under the action of centrifugal force. There is a positive and negative cover separation device at the outlet. When the negative cover passes by, the cover automatically falls into the return pipe.The negative cover is automatically blown into the hopper by the wind force. Only the positive cover can enter into the slide smoothly. The photoelectric automatically detect the cover quantity to control the cover conveyor, so as to ensure the best effect of the cover putting. When the positive cover enters the slide, it can enter the cover feeding plate smoothly. In order to prevent accidents, an anti-reverse cover dial is configured on the slide to ensure that the cover entering the cover feeding plate is correct. A pair of photoelectric switches are also configured on the slide to stop the host immediately when it detected that there is no cover. In order to effectively remove the bad cover without anti-theft ring and the remaining cover when cleaning the hopper, there is a movable outlet directly opposite the hopper outlet to meet this function.
The machine adopts centralized lubrication system, which can easily lubricate all lubrication points.

Technical parameters

Rated Output
Number of Washing Valve1824324050607280
Draining station3.56101214252732
Number of Filling Valve1824324050607280
Flow of Filling Valve140~160ml/s140~160ml/s140~160ml/s140~160ml/s140~160ml/s140~160ml/s140~160ml/s140~160ml/s
Number of cappingheads68101215151820
Suitable Bottle TypePET BottlesPET BottlesPET BottlesPET BottlesPET BottlesPET BottlesPET BottlesPET Bottles
Bottle Diameter50~97mm50~97mm50~97mm50~97mm50~97mm50~97mm50~97mm50~97mm
Bottle Height150~320mm150~320mm150~320mm150~320mm150~320mm150~320mm150~320mm150~320mm
Screw Cap Torque0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)0.6~2.8Nm (Adjustable)
Installed Capacity2.38KW4.18KW4.18KW4.37KW5.87KW5.87KW9.57KW9.57KW
Consumption of Compressed Air0.5Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)0.6Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)0.8Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)0.8Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)1.0Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)1.5Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)1.5Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)2Nm³/min(at 0.6MPa)
Consumption of WaterAbout 1.5m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 1.5~2m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 1.5~2m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 1.5~2m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 2~2.5m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 2~2.5m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 2.5~3m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washingAbout 8m³/h (0.2-0.25mpa) for bottle washing
Overall Dimension2500×2000×27002800×2300×27004000×2450×28504400×2800×28505350×3400×28505000×5000×30007100×6250×30007700×6750×3000
Total Weight4.5 T6 T7 T8 T9.5 T13 T15 T16 T


NoItemIndustry StandardOur Standard
1Purge Rate100%100%
2Filling Level Tolerance±4mm±3mm
3Bottle Damage Rate0.1%0.08%
4Cap Damage Rate0.8%0.5%
5Capping Qualified Rate99%99.5%
6Cap Screw Torque0.6~2.8N adjustableTolerance±15%
7Liquid Loss Rate0.5%0.3%

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Our service
The sample service
1.we can send you the video of the running machine. are always welcome to come to visit our factory, and you may see the operation of the machines here. We will make the arrangement to pick you up when you come .
3.If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact information, you can go to visit their factory.
Customized service
1.we can design the machines according your requirements(material ,power, filling type, the kinds of the bottles, and so on). the same time we will give you our professional suggestion .
After-sales service
1.we will provide the bill of load on time to make sure you can get the machine quickly
2.when you finish the Preparation conditions ,our engineer will go to your factory for the installation, testing and also training .
3.we provide one year warranty with spare parts free.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Quality 3 in 1 Automatic Pet Bottle Drinking Beverage Washing Stainless Steel Mineral Water Filling Capping Sealing Machine for sale

3 in 1 Automatic Pet Bottle Drinking Beverage Washing Stainless Steel Mineral Water Filling Capping Sealing Machine Images

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